What’s Next at Camp T?

Thank you to everyone who helped build the caretaker’s house at Camp Tawakoni. It was a huge success and our caretaker family enjoys it. The old house has been torn down and  the ground smoothed out. It’s simpler to find the Administration Building now, where the South Central Regional office is located.

With this behind us, the new shower house and fence at the pool is next. We want to finish it before the 2019 camping season, with volunteer efforts! Camp Tawakoni Mission Week is planned for April 7 – 13. Food and lodging will be provided.

We have jobs for several different crews for the week:

1. Finish the shower building – the floor and walls constructed by our contractor.

2. Build the new fence around the pool.

3. Build 6 beds – materials provided

4. Do electrical work.

5. Do plumbing.

6. General maintenance, to prepare for the summer camp season.

What a great way to be the hands and feet of Jesus, by giving to the camp without an outlay of funds from you. For more information, Contact Vern Failor, 785-231-3960, or Topeka Regional office, 785-266-2914.

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