The Christian Church in Kansas (CCK) is a collection of 80 congregations and their members, who TOGETHER seek to CONNECT and EQUIP each other to be and proclaim the Good News of Jesus the Christ.  

The CCK works with member congregations and leaders to bring a sense of unity as together we minister in the name of Christ. 

The Christian Church in Kansas exists to CONNECT its congregations and their members with each other and with the wider church for mutual training, to strengthen their efforts for mission throughout this region and the world.

Pastors and leaders work together to create opportunities to share in passionate ministries of outreach in Christ’s name.  Through fellowship groups, camps and conferences, and faith nurturing retreats, we connect congregations and their members to each other and the universal church so that we may all grow up until we reflect the true nature of God as revealed in Jesus.

We seek to EQUIP each congregation and their members for greater ministry, to build up the body of Christ, to share in God’s reconciling work in the world. Through leadership and ministry skills training we equip ministers and church leaders to carry out the on-going mission and ministry of Jesus thereby transforming not only their congregations, but also the world around them.

From these experiences, participants develop a greater sense of shared mission and ministry and find resources for further growth in mission.

We also partner in ministry with:
>> Kansas Christian Home in Newton

>>Ecumenical Campus Ministry at Kansas State University

>> The United Church of Christ