Pentecost Special Offering

Received in most congregations on May 20 & 27.

Pentecost celebrates the gift of the Holy Spirit to Jesus’ disciples, the birth of the church. Starting new churches is a God thing; it requires faith, maturity, and partnership within the denomination, the region, and the local community.

Since 2001, we Disciples have started 990 new churches, toward the goal of 1,000 new congregations by the year 2020.

The Pentecost Offering supports the new church movement. Half of the offering remains in the region, and half is used by Hope Partnership in new church ministry: assessment, training, and support for new church planters,  and resources for new congregations.

Your generous gift to the Pentecost Offering supports the new church movement. You will help new church pastors develop a clear vision and plan for their ministry.

 Read more about New Church Ministry.

It’s Camp Time!

Bring your tools! Bring your sleeping bag! It’s time to get our camp and conference center ready for the summer camping season. Spring work days are May 21-25.  Volunteers are needed for kinds of jobs. 

Jobs include:

  • Cleaning buildings
  • Burning grass
  • Servicing equipment
  • Inspecting lift stations
  • Moving wood chips
  • Moving dirt
  • Spreading gravel
  • Plumbing issues
  • Installing a storm door

Additionally, work continues on the Caretaker’s house.  Work crews spent a week in April drywalling and a contractor will come in and do all the drywall finishing.  Once that is complete, volunteers are needed for painting and flooring.

To help with any of this please contact Vern Failor or call 785 231 3960.

Men’s Odyssey Fall Retreat

Save the Date!

Becoming Fisher-Men: Rediscovering Our Ministry
Disciples Men Odyssey Fall Retreat
September 21 – 23, 2018
Disciples Center at Tawakoni

Jesus did a lot of ministry with fishermen. A lot of men love to fish. Together, we will explore how doing things that we love to do can strengthen our ministries for men and by men.

Men and boys 10 years and older are invited to spend a weekend rediscovering the mission Jesus’ call to be a fisher of men.  While originally conceived as a partnership journey for teen boys and their father figures, the vision for the Odyssey Project has grown to include any man who is tired of going through the motions of being a follower of Jesus.

Activities include pre-event mission project, fishing tournament, golf outing, campfire, and watching “When the Game Stands Tall”.

Save the Date: KDW Fall Retreat

The 2018 Kansas Disciples Women Fall Retreats will be Oct. 3-5 (midweek) and Oct. 5-7 (weekend).

Pastor Lori Tapia, the National Hispanic Pastor of the Obra Hispana, will be our keynote speaker.

Join us for a variety of workshops including a movie study on Victoria and Abdul, service projects including Fresh Start Bags and tie blankets, prayer stations, painting, and more!


2018 Boundaries Training

10 a.m.-3 p.m.
Friday, September 14, or Saturday, September 15
Disciples Center at Tawakoni

We are created in and for relationships. Life-enriching relationships, whether with intimate partners, family, friends, colleagues or parishioners, require healthy boundaries. All clergy and church lay leaders should be informed about legal and ethical issues as they relate to the church, ministry, and social media.

The workshop begins with an assumption that the complexity of relational dynamics in the congregation is one of its greatest possibilities and its greatest challenges for ministry. This workshop explores the meaning and practice of healthy boundaries in the context of ministry. It will also identify the signs, dangers, and preventions of boundary violations including those in today’s social media.

We welcome the presence of spouses and lay leaders.

Facilitator: Rev. Larry Walls, Pastor Oakview Christian Church, Wichita

Cost: $35.00 for Clergy / $10 for Spouses and Lay Leaders

Register and pay online below or download the registration form and mail with payment to Topeka regional office.  Make all checks out to Christian Church in Kansas. Note: This charge will appear as some version of “SST*CHRISTIANCHUR840559 MOUNT VERNON OH” on your credit card statement.

September 14

September 15

A grand day at Tawakoni

Worship! Workshops, fun, mission, music
A big bounce castle—swimming—Child care workers—food booths—displays—more!

NEW: KS Disciples Men and Disciples Women will have dinner together at 6:30 p.m. Hillside Christian Church in Wichita on Friday evening, August 10, then meet separately for programs.

Come learn new worship skills to enhance what your congregation offers to God! Dr. Marcia McFee, who taught a worship workshop series at General Assembly 2017, will be with us at Congregational Escape and MissionFest. This will launch an opportunity for your congregation to participate in her webinar program to enhance your ability to help people connect with God in worship.

Follow the Mini-Messenger for information on the Mission Grants that will be part of The Escape.


Reflections from KCYF Spring Retreat

Thoughts from your Regional Minister
By: Steve Martin, Regional Minister
April Kansas Messenger

Where is God in the Midst of our Struggles?

That question was the focus of our KCYF Spring Retreat, as Rev. Lara Blackwood Pickrel led 120 youth and sponsors with keynotes and questions.

Her keynotes helped us to examine “the knots:” anxiety and pain, trauma and suicide, and other disruptions which cause us to struggle with life. Surely God doesn’t want us to suffer? Surely God has not left us desolate in these times? Psalm 139:14 provides significant insights into the depths of God’s care for us, for we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Knowing that God has created us and knows us deeply brings an intimacy with our creator.

Lara asked the youth to express their concerns and their understanding of God’s presence through poetry. Throughout the retreat she read their writings; let me promise you, our youth have great faith! She adapted some to fit the tune “My Chains are Gone,” made popular by Chris Tomlin. Her adaptation of this poetry demonstrates God’s love and care in our human struggle.

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
Kansas Youth Poetry Edition, adapted by LBP

We all have struggles, trials and pain.
We’ve hurts Band-Aids can’t cure.
But Jesus helps our wounded hearts –
His bandages are sure.

When life feels like a boulder
teetering on the edge,
if you fall, don’t fear – for God
will help you rise again.

Abuse can scar bodies and minds.
Hold fast and don’t believe.
Instead turn to camp family —
Ask God to help you breathe.

My knots are gone, I’ve been set free
My God, my Savior has untied me
And like a flood His mercy reigns
Unending love, Amazing grace (repeat)

If your sweet heart is tied in knots
Know that you’re not alone.
Your story hasn’t reached its end.
God’s presence you will know.
God’s love and grace you’ll know.


What we do with what we have

Stewardship Corner
By: Jim McCollough, Pastor 
Holton First Christian Church
April Kansas Messenger

In 2009, the CEOs of the big three American auto makers asked Congress for a $25 billion industry bail-out. Each executive flew from the same city to the same destination in his own private jet. The estimated cost of each flight was $20,000, considerably more than a first-class ticket. Legislators expressed outrage that, as one put it, “you would come off private luxury corporate jets with tin cups in your hands!”

I have long contended that we become so accustomed to our way of life, our perception of reality, that we don’t notice when our actions bring us up short. One of the greatest enemies of gratitude is an entitlement mindset; they just don’t go together. It’s hard to be humble when asking for a billion-dollar bail-out, after showing up in a luxury corporate jet!

Our North American culture is awash in a mindset of entitlement. We live in a rich nation with a mindset that we had it all coming to us. Too often that attitude infects the church as well. Privilege and prerogative and power seldom yield to thankfulness, because thankfulness presupposes humility.

Faithful stewardship reminds God’s people that we came into this world with nothing. The Ash Wednesday liturgy reminds us that we will leave this earth with nothing.

What we do
             -with what we have
                               -while we are here

is the long-standing question. That’s the call to faithful disciples of Jesus.


Disciples Center at Tawakoni—2018 Season

Assuming spring arrives, the Disciples Center is looking good and will be ready for the summer program. The new caretaker’s house is well underway! Electric and plumbing inspections are complete. The week of April 8, volunteers will hang sheetrock and do other projects to complete the house and to prepare the camp for summer. The painting will begin when the professional drywall finishing is done.

Summer Camp Interns:
Summer camp interns are Caleb Thompson from Pittsburg in his second year, Lauren Eagon, also from Pittsburg FCC, in her first year, and Mason Oswalt of Atchison, also a first-time intern. All three grew up in our camping program. Mason and Caleb will be our lifeguards. We’re pleased that Sid Rutland, manager last summer, is returning also. 

Camp Volunteers:
Leadership for the summer program began in January when directors, chaplains and counselors gathered for inspiration, training, and planning. Camp session directors are completing their planning now. To be a summer camp counselor, complete the Volunteer Application at and send it to the Topeka office.

Register for Camp:
Register soon to get your choice of camp; some sessions will fill up before the Early Bird deadline. Scholarship applications were due March 31.

Questions? Contact Steve Martin, or 800-737-8130.


Easter Special Offering

Like good stewards of the multi-colored grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received. 
     – 1 Peter 4:10

Received in most congregations on March 25 and April 1

The grace of God is overflowing in the gift we have in Jesus the Christ. Our response to this great generosity is overflowing compassion, joy, faith, gratitude, and love.

Supporting the General Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), by giving to the Easter Offering, is one of the many ways you share your response to God’s generosity. The work of these ministries overflows “from our doorsteps to the ends of the earth.”

Your gift to the Easter Offering to support the General Ministries of the church is one way to share God’s generosity, to help bring life, love and learning to many.

Ministries that receive funding from the Easter Offering include: