Kansas Leadership Center Partnership Grant:

If you want to make progress on something you care about, grow your leadership skills, aid your congregation and the Christian Church in Kansas in addressing the adaptive challenges we face then this training is for you. Your church will benefit most by sending teams of 3-4, one of whom is probably your pastor. You will also benefit by identifying a challenge on which you want to make progress.

After submitting the application and paying a $25 commitment fee, you will be contacted by a regional staff member with instructions on how to sign-up for KLC Sessions, arrange lodging, and receive required reading materials.

Kansas Bible Chair Grant:

Established by the Kansas Women’s Board of Missions, the Kansas Bible Chair provides grants for educational programs and lectureships which will benefit both laity and clergy of Disciple congregations in Kansas.

Deadline to submit grant applications is April 30 & October 31.  Send completed application forms to the South Central Satellite Office. To help avoid confusion, use a separate form for each request, rather than combining related but individual items. 

Guidelines for Kansas Bible Chair Grant
Kansas Bible Chair Grant Request Form

Reconciliation Grant:

Funds from the Reconciliation Special Day Offering in the fall provide grants for pro-reconciliation/anti-racism programs. The Reconciliation offering is divided, with one half staying in our region and one half used by General Reconciliation Ministry.

Deadline to submit grant applications is April 30.  Send completed application forms to the South Central Satellite Office.

Congregational Enhancement Grant:

The goal of “Enhancement Grants” is to support new ministries in congregations whose strength may be taken for granted, and to help them become stronger, by reaching out to affect the lives of those in the communities in which they reside. Congregations receiving partnership grants are encouraged to “pay this experience forward,” by helping other congregations learn and grow.