Walking in my shoes

October Thoughts from your regional minister

By Steve Martin

I shared with Girard First Christian Church, “I wish you could walk in my shoes!” If you could walk in my shoes, you would recognize the Body of Christ at work throughout the Kansas Region. Here are only a few of these:

I so much appreciate the monthly gathering of ministers in support groups across the Region, where they come together to know and hear each other, and to provide support and encouragement! This support brings health to their ministries and provides stability for the congregation.

Congregations are giving serious discernment to calling pastors, and discovering the wonderful gifts which younger clergy bring to the congregation. I am constantly amazed by the vision and the energy which these younger clergy bring to ministry.

The sharing of prayers, concerns and efforts whenever there is an emergency due to storm or other disasters. When pastors and leaders hear that Week of Compassion will help, they are amazed and so very grateful! This was true at Lewis Christian Church only a short while ago.

I read every camp evaluation from last summer’s program and I am pleased to report that we had a very good camp season. Our leaders are the best and they take their role seriously, which goes to make the camp experience so rich. Several campers commented, “This is my favorite place always!” or other words to that effect. Some say “this is the ONLY place where I can truly be myself.” Campers not only enjoy the camp, but they gain so much from relationships they form each summer and this nurture continues into their future. What a tremendous gift we offer at Tawakoni.

Our vision is to connect and equip that together we will build up the Body of Christ. We trust that YOU will join us as we seek to be faithful disciples!

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