Tawakoni Seeks Camp Manager

The Camp Steering Committee has wanted a full-time camp person for years, and the time is now! The position of Camp Manager was authorized by our Regional Board, and with the departure of caretaker BJ Brockus (he’s starting a master’s degree program), it’s time to find that person.

The Camp Manager role includes the caretaker duties of hosting groups who rent the camp, mowing, doing basic maintenance, and being generally watchful. The new role adds handling reservations and developing new rental clients, marketing the facility, and taking a greater role in administration, repair and upkeep. The Camp Manager will manage the work of volunteers, and will advise the Steering Committee about long-range needs.

The Camp Manager must appreciate the Christian faith tradition and be willing to learn about and be supportive of the Disciples of Christ in particular. The successful applicant will love the outdoors and appreciate the place of faith-based camp programs in the spiritual formation of children and youth. S/he will be an organized person with basic computer skills.

In addition to a cash salary, compensation includes a three-bedroom home at camp, Benefits Stipend and paid vacation and holidays. The successful applicant must pass a criminal background check.

Interested parties should send a letter of application to cck@kansasdisciples.org by August 30, identifying relevant work history, basic and advanced handy skills. The complete job description will be sent in response to letters of application.

The Vision Team for our region has recommended at least three new positions, following Renee Bridwell’s retirement as a Regional Minister. Camp Manager is the only full-time role; the region will also look for a Treasurer and Coordinator of Disciples Men’s Ministries. A possible fourth position, also part-time, is under consideration. 


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