Tawakoni: Second Decade and Beyond

On August 21, Mr. Mike Carr, CEO of United Camps, Conferences & Retreats (UCCR) visited Disciples Center to bring an outside expert view of the camp and to advise on operations and development.

Consistently, Mr. Carr complimented the improvements since CCK purchased the facility in 2004, many of which were done by volunteers with minimal staff involvement. He was pleased to see the obvious care and attention to detail, in maintenance and in cleanliness.

He viewed the renovated pool and the lodges which allow groups to have housing while providing their own meals. The group reviewed three years of camp usage and were pleased to see both new and repeat clients, to the point that most weekends are booked.   

Financially, Carr was pleased to learn that we operate with a facility budget that is separate from our summer camping program. This way, we know what it costs for the camp to function.

The pool renovation is fully paid and the bathhouse/fence, nearly so. The recent sale of a small parcel on the east edge of camp allowed for repaying small operational deficits and helped establish a maintenance fund. 

Currently, our challenge is to build Jones Lodge, the much-needed motel-style cabin which will replace cabin 3. Ground-breaking was held at the recent Disciples Connect & Equip (#DCE) on August 10, but work will not begin until at least ½ of the projected $350,000 cost is on hand. A $10,000 challenge match offer stands at $3800 to date; it will expire at the end of 2019.

Overall, Mr. Carr said again and again, “what a wonderful place… for both facilities and as a place to enjoy the natural world.”

He affirmed the determination of the camp leaders to continue development on a near-fully-funded basis, borrowing only internally and only on a short-term basis.

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