Round Tu-It Awards Program

The ROUND TU-IT program has been developed to encourage, motivate, create excitement and involve more men through their local churches. It is a program that encourages men to get “ROUND TU-IT” for Jesus Christ, a program that will recognize and reward each man’s efforts.

3 Levels of recognition for your participation (work) in your Church, your denomination and your community

Level I Bronze coin: To receive the first coin in the rewards program, a total of 30 points are required. This is the only level that is retroactive. A man can have accomplished any of these tasks previously and they will count (Bronze level only). Awarded at District meetings.

Level II Silver coin: To receive the silver coin, a man must first have received the bronze coin and then accumulate an additional 50 points. Awarded at Men’s Retreat.

Level III Gold Coin To receive the gold coin, a man must have received both the bronze and silver coins and then accumulate an additional 50 points. Awarded at Regional Men’s Luncheon.

Download a Round Tu-It Report Form to see award activities