Thoughts from your Regional Minister
By Renee Bridwell
Published in June Kansas Messenger

Change – my favorite word, especially in ministry!

 The world is not static. Every single thing changes–animal, vegetable, mineral; living and dead. “Solid as a rock” is relative; even rocks melt and flow. Witness Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano. 

Your regional church has embraced a “roundtable” leadership style—three people sharing the role, duties, and title of Regional Minister, working collaboratively. What seemed obvious to Kansas leaders has challenged assumptions and caused ripples of change beyond Kansas. The rest of the church will catch up, eventually!

Soon after, your Regional Board engaged Dick Hamm to help in a Vision Process, asking the leadership question, “What is Regional Ministry in the early 21st century?

There is no single answer. There won’t be. There are multiple responses. Your Vision Team is listening to the Spirit of God, and has listened to you, in sessions in many places. Your Vision Team is wrestling with the pieces from your input and from prayer and discernment, seeking multi-faceted coherence in a shape-shifting world. It’s a moving target! In the meantime, regional ministry continues.

At the Congregational Escape & MissionFest, August 11, at Tawakoni, one workshop will be about vision and regional ministry change, seeking your input to date. We hope you’ll take part! 

Think about this possible mission statement: The Christian Church in Kansas exists to connect and equip congregations, lay leaders, and pastors to make and grow disciples of Jesus Christ.

Is this what God wants our region to do, collectively? Is it big enough to challenge us, and challenging enough to become embedded in our hearts? And is it short enough to remember—will it fit on a coffee mug?


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