Agricultural Mission Project Wants To Be Adopted

Our Disciples Global Ministries has a farm project in Wasala, in northern Nicaragua, aiming to develop sustainable protein sources in the area, and other compatible farm projects. The farm is about six hours north of Managua.

The Christian Mission Church of Nicaragua owns the farm, which they are preparing to use as a dairy farm.  There are many dairy farms in this region and the farm is right on the main road where a company that buys the milk does regular milk pick-ups.

They have improved the caretaker’s house, built a milking gallery (with the help of churches from the South Idaho region of the Disciples of Christ), installed electricity and a water system that draws from a spring on the property, and are growing corn and cacao, as well as renting plots to small farmers. 

The project still needs to put in fencing and build a corral before they will be ready to purchase cows, and are looking to plant more crops in the future.

Reverend Rolando Boniche has said that in the churches in the north (a rural and poor region) when they need funds to build a church or do some other project, they plant a crop and use the proceeds from the harvest.  A lifelong city dweller, he is adopting this model to raise needed funds for the national church and its many wonderful projects.


Contact Pat Nixon who has been to the area.

Interested in visiting Nicaragua, to see it if might be for you?

Pat will lead a mission group to Santa Emilia to begin building a medical clinic for the area, July 25–August 1. With sufficient interest, a second week could be arranged at another time.

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