New KDW Coordinator Named

Kansas Disciples Women Coordinator, Barb Runge, will retire as of Nov. 1.  Runge has served as coordinator for 13 years.  A celebration of her ministry is scheduled during the Disciples Women Fall Retreat.

Carla Pearson, Galva Christian Church, will take on the role of KDW Coordinator when Barb retires.

The KDW Coordinator in partnership with the cabinet president assists with the planning of regional retreats and events and keeps us connected with the happenings in the General Church through attendance at annual meetings and the Interregional event every 4 years.

“Carla is bringing a wonderful, caring and invigorating personality to this position. The Cabinet looks forward to working with her,” said Jauna Khan, KDW Cabinet President. “We hope to begin being Women with a mission. We also look forward to planning joint events with the Kansas Disciples Men and have opportunities to work together.”

A lifelong Disciple, Carla grew up in the McPherson First CC where her mother introduced her to Christian Women’s Fellowship. Today, she and her husband Floyd are members of Galva Christian Church where they are active in many areas of the church.

“The women of Kansas have a passion for serving, learning and growing together in Christ’s love,” said Carla. “I am anxious to not only to work with Disciples Women, but Disciples Men as well. I believe together we can do great things and share the love of Christ as we have been called to do.”

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