Making your church stand out in the crowd

In the Christian Church in Kansas there are about 60 churches named First Christian Church and nationwide, about 2/3 of Disciples churches are First Christian, especially those in county-seat communities. With American people as mobile as they are now, moving to new homes an average of every five years, chances are that among your large membership are people who receive newsletters from more than one First Christian Church.

So how do you make your church stand out from all the rest?

Here are several suggestions for you to consider.

  1. Have a unique email address:  When setting up your church email account instead of simply using, or or some combination of First Christian Church try adding your city (i.e. or  This allows your members to know right away who the message is from.
  2. Identify your church and city in the subject line: If your email inbox is anything like ours, you get hundreds of emails each week. Perhaps this is the same for your members as well. Don’t let your email get berried! Instead try using the subject line, Lawrence FCC newsletter FCC Kinsley newsletter.
  3. Add an automatic signature to your office emails: An automatic signature automatically posts to the end of every email you send.  It should include, contact person’s name (generally the secretary’s name); church; mailing address; phone number; and email address.  With an automatic signature you never have to worry that the receiver does not know who the message is from and they know how to contact you should they have a question.

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