Workshops at Joint Regional Assembly

3:30 p.m., Friday, Nov. 11

Why I Should Care About Special Day Offerings

As Disciples, we have the opportunity to give to six Special Day offerings. You’ll learn what ministries of the wider church are supported by your gifts to each one. Bring your questions, and Presenter Katrina Palan, Interim Nebraska Regional Minister, will help you find answers.


One Congregation’s Process to Organize for Mission 

Lynn Scott, McPherson KS First Christian Church pastor, and the restructure team will share the ongoing story of aligning the church’s organizational structure with their Mission Statement. There’s no short-cut; God calls each congregation to serve their community in a unique way. A congregation’s organization needs to intentionally reflect its mission and how it will be accomplished.

Presenters: Rick Bressie, Dee Ann Easley, Donna Bagley.


Mission in Rural Ministry

Most congregations in Nebraska and Kansas are rural! Rural locations and distances matter, but these do not prevent us from doing mission. Come and learn what rural churches are already doing to bring God to the forefront of life, and to be energized about what you can do.

Presenters: Aerii Smith and members of the Rural Ministry Initiative


The Prayer Labyrinth:  An Approach to Spirituality

Since the second century of the Christian Era, followers of Jesus have walked a Prayer Labyrinth to connect mind, body, and soul in searching for the light of life—and in doing do, Christians are empowered to become the light of Christ in the world. Come try the labyrinth and discover the light of God within you, for the world.

Presenters: Ken Marston and the Spirituality Task Force.


5:00 p.m. Friday

Religious Freedom Today

General Minister and President Sharon Watkins will help us understand the meaning of religious freedom in our culture. What does it mean to love our neighbors who are so different, and still live with one another in peace?

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