It’s Camp Time!

Bring your tools! Bring your sleeping bag! It’s time to get our camp and conference center ready for the summer camping season. Spring work days are May 21-25.  Volunteers are needed for kinds of jobs. 

Jobs include:

  • Cleaning buildings
  • Burning grass
  • Servicing equipment
  • Inspecting lift stations
  • Moving wood chips
  • Moving dirt
  • Spreading gravel
  • Plumbing issues
  • Installing a storm door

Additionally, work continues on the Caretaker’s house.  Work crews spent a week in April drywalling and a contractor will come in and do all the drywall finishing.  Once that is complete, volunteers are needed for painting and flooring.

To help with any of this please contact Vern Failor or call 785 231 3960.

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