2019 Pentecost Special Offering

From tiny seeds, mighty trees Grow

A small seed tentatively puts down roots. With proper nurturing, it grows, branching out in all directions, blossoming in time, providing sustenance, shelter and shade.

Through the 2020 Vision of the Christian Church (DOC), the new church movement has already helped our Disciples family grow by nearly 1,000 new and affiliated faith communities.

Our church planters remain committed to answering God’s call to serve their neighbors, spread the gospel and make Disciples. They are supported by New Church Ministry.

Won’t you help nurture them?

Your gift to the 2019 Pentecost Special Day Offering on Sunday, June 2 and 9 will help fund the new church movement and the bounty it yields. Each year, half of this offering stays in Kansas to start and uphold new churches. The other half goes to the General Church to support the recruiting, assessing, training and coaching of new church leaders at events like Leadership Academy.

Give today to Pentecost Special Day Offering.

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