Week of Compassion Special Offering

banner-facebook.fwIn a world where communities are being displaced by the catastrophes of war, famine and natural disasters, the Church is called to reclaim the spiritual discipline of solidarity. As natural, economic, and political forces disrupt and uproot communities, the Church is called to stand in solidarity with these refugee communities as they seek to move beyond the trauma of displacement and toward a new life of well-being and promise.

For seven decades, Week of Compassion has been responding to people in need. Week of Compassion works through a remarkable network of church partner organizations and partnerships that insures that our response to humanitarian needs in the world is efficient, effective and faithful. Through these partnerships, Disciples are able to join a tapestry of caring that brings help and hope to hurting people in every corner of the world. Week of Compassion relies on your compassion, your gifts and your commitment to help change lives for the better.

Change the world in an accountable, efficient, trustworthy, effective, sustainable way by supporting Week of Compassion today.

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