Tawakoni Pool Partners

Our swimming pool at Tawakoni needs replacement urgently; we’ve done all that can be done with baling wire, chewing gum and duct tape, and it’s beyond the reach of hot glue and paper clips. The good news is that part of the work is unnecessary—there is already a big hole! Filling that hole with a new pool will take about $300,000. We need 100 Pool Partners, special people who will give $1000 or more toward the pool replacement in 2017; Pool Partners will be listed in the February KS Messenger. 100 Pool Partners will fund about 1/3 of the cost. To join this esteemed group, send your gift of $1000 to CCK.

            Some money is on hand, and your Regional Board will meet soon to set terms for a loan for the remaining cost. The internal loan, borrowing from the region’s permanent funds, was approved provisionally, but without details. It will be repaid with a small increase in user fees and with ongoing gifts from generous people like you who know the value of church camp for the spiritual growth of our young people, and who know the importance of having a swimming pool in our hot Kansas summers. Gifts of every size are welcome; earlier gifts will allow us to postpone the loan.

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