Transforming printed materials with QR codes

qr code (CCK home)

This QR code leads to the CCK home page.

Have you have seen these funny looking squares? 

Originally started in Japan, the QR code allows churches to harness the power of the smart phone and computer tablets by allowing printed materials to become interactive.

What is a QR code?

A QR Code (it stands for “Quick Response”) is a mobile phone readable bar code that can store website URL’s, plain text, phone numbers, email addresses and pretty much any other alphanumeric data.

In its simplest sense think “print based hypertext link” – simply encode a URL into the QR Code and then point a mobile phone or other camera-enabled mobile device at it. If the device has had QR Code decoding software installed on it, it will fire up its browser and go straight to that URL.

How do you make a QR code?

There are a number of free QR code generators available on the web. Type QR code generator into your favorite search engine to find one.

On most generator sites, you are given a choice between Dynamic and Static QR codes. A dynamic QR code lets you edit the QR code without having to generate a new one. Most of the time, obtaining a dynamic QR code requires you to set up an account; there may be membership fees. In most cases, a Static QR code is sufficient.

To generate your QR code, type in the URL you wish to link and click on generate. Your QR code is ready for download. Download and save to your computer’s hard drive.

To use your QR code insert the QR code image into any document, just as you would insert a photograph or clipart.

Why should I use QR code?

By adding a QR code to event posters, church membership brochures, newsletters, or any other printed materials, you give members and visitors another way to participate in church life.

Your QR code could link directly to event registration information, church contact information, online giving, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  Members and visitors can then pull up additional information on their phones and/or tablets that connect them directly to that information.

Try it out for yourself! 

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