New Kansas Messenger is Here!

Sunflower4The May 2016 issue of the Kansas Messenger is on its way to your mailbox! The original print version is also available online under the News and Events tab.

Send subscription changes and news to the Kansas Messenger Editor. Returned issues cost $0.57, an unfortunate use of your mission dollars. Submissions for the August 2016 issue are due by Friday, July 1.  All submissions are edited for clarity, tone, and space. Send photographs in camera format, unaltered. The best photographs are in focus, showing action, faces and smiles.

Supported by your donations, the Kansas Messenger is free to every Kansas Disciples household. Give online or send your check. Out of region, $20 per year. The Kansas Messenger, provided at no charge to every Kansas Disciples household, is made possible by your gifts.

Give any time from anywhere online.  Just click the “Give Online” Button on the top of your screen or click here now.

Thank you for your gifts in continuing the Communication Ministry of the Christian Church in Kansas!

Go Green!

Become a member of our Kansas Messenger Green mailing list and receive a full color, printer friendly version in your Inbox.

As a part of the Kansas Messenger Green list, you will receive a full color copy of the Kansas Messenger before the paper copy arrives. Because we are not paying the postage and printing costs to mail you a paper copy, we are able to stretch your mission dollars even farther.

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