General Assembly 2017!

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Imagine this:

Worship that lifts your soul.
Stories that touch your heart.
Educational resources to assist your congregation in ministry.
Conversations that stretch your mind.
Messages that call you to action.
Connections that remind you that God’s family is bigger than a local congregation.

All this and more in five short days!

And 2017 will feature historic events – the election of a new General Minister and President as well as hearing the results of the Mission First! pilot project.

Worship that’s uplifting and inspirational

One of the highlights for many who attend the assembly is the worship. Musicians of professional caliber, speakers of high quality and special experiences envelope the congregation with a sense of God’s presence and call. Worship planners offer varieties of expression and some may be just the thing to freshen your own faith and perhaps take home to try.

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Oh, and the stories!

We love our stories and General Assembly is a place full of stories.

There are the biblical stories retold in worship and song; the stories of sisters and brothers who have overcome adversity; the stories of distant lands whose people are our family; the stories of the work done on our behalf by the general ministries of the Church; and your own story as you are invited to share in learning communities.

Learning that prepares us for mission

Learning is an integral part of General Assembly.

Besides the preachers that will open your mind to new understandings in worship, there are plenty of other opportunities to learn. In Indianapolis there will be a Sunday kaleidoscope of classes plus four learning communities Monday through Wednesday. The core topics are: Justice, Worship,Resources, and Transform.

Monday’s core lectures will provide the theological underpinnings for the discussions to follow Tuesday and Wednesday. Those days feature more traditional workshops with resources for your congregation. You can stay within a learning community or skip around to what interests you. (You can earn three CEUs through Christian Theological Seminary if you register and participate in sessions for a single community.)

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Relationships that last

General Assembly is also an opportunity to make connections and build relationships. Whether it is in the exhibit hall at a display or at a special meal event, the staff of the general ministries of the Church make themselves available to talk about your particular question or challenge. You can find out about programs, processes and people that can help your congregation flourish in its mission in your particular situation.

Something for all ages

In addition to all this, there are special opportunities for youth and children as well as mission projects. These will be added to the website as the time approaches.

Worshipful Work

The business sessions are open to all registered attendees, with some being designated by their congregation or region as a voting representative. The worshipful work of General Assembly business includes reports, resolutions and business items.

If all that sounds like a lot in five short days, you’re right! But it is exhilarating to be in worship with literally thousands of Disciples and energizing to gather new ideas and insights from speakers and learning communities, so we think you’ll be glad you came.

To get the latest information about the assembly, join the special General Assembly Facebook group and sign up for Disciples News Serviceweekly e-letters.

Registration Fees

Type Rate
Adult/Regular Rate $150*
Volunteer Rate** $125
Young Adult (19-29) $125
Seminarians $125
Youth (13-18) $100
Pre-School and Elementary $80

*Early Discounts
This price reflects the early registration discount. On April 1, 2017 the rate will increase to $190.

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