First Annual Disciples Home Missions Virtual 5k!

YOU are invited to join the first annual Disciples Home Missions Virtual 5K in support of the Disciples Mission Fund Easter Offering!

What is a Virtual 5k? A virtual 5K race is a 5km race that can be run at any location. You can walk, use the treadmill, run outside, or join a local race near you.  (You can even break it up over time!) Share pictures with the #disciples5k tag and we’ll help cheer you on!

Why Disciples Mission Fund? This is an opportunity to share the passion our church has to put mission first. DMF Easter Offering funds go to support vital General Ministries like Disciples Home Missions, Disciples Women, Global Ministries, Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation, and many others. Learn more at

Who’s invited? Everyone! Individuals, Families, Youth Groups, or any group or ministry is welcome! Need an activity for a retreat or mission trip? Your group is invited, too!

How do I sign up? Registration is open March 1-31. Choose from individual or group registration options. Register now or read more about the registration options below.

When do I run? Run your race at any time. We’ll send out t-shirts and medals in early May for you to claim at the finish line! (Look for a chance to wear them as a group at future Disciples events!)

Spread the word! Join us on Facebook and invite your friends! Share the link to the DHM Virtual 5K webpage. Use the tag #disciples5k for all your posts and pictures.

Individuals: $25 (Includes Medal and T-Shirt)

Group Options (Does Not Include Processing Fees):
Family/Small Youth Group Run (4-8 People):  $100 (Includes Medals and T-shirts)
Family/Small Youth Group Run (4-8 People):  $75 (Includes Medals – NO T-shirts)
9-20 People: $400 (Includes Medals and T-shirts)
9-20 People: $300 (Includes Medals – NO T-shirts)
21-50 People: $1250 (Medals and T-shirts)
21-50 People: $1000 (Includes Medals – NO T-shirts)
51-100 People: $1800 (Medals and T-shirts)
51-100 People: $1500 (Includes Medals – NO T-shirts)

100+ People: Contact the Jessica Kramer at or call her at 317-713-2641. We will be able to negotiate a Group Rate.

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