DHM Summer Mission Internships

Disciples Home Mission LogoWhat will you do this summer?
Are you looking for a faith-filled adventure?
Do you imagine a life beyond the mundane, working beyond cultural boundaries, faithfulness beyond the familiar?

If you’re looking for a way to make a difference and have an incredible experience — and get paid for it — you probably want to apply for a DHM summer mission internship. Disciples Home Missions is thrilled to call on young adults to serve in mission leadership this summer through the summer intern program.

Disciples Volunteering seeks applicants for summer internships, to serve with mission partners across the country. With a primary focus on Leadership Development, interns may host volunteer groups in mission settings, face cross-cultural issues, engage diverse groups of people, serve in hands-on mission experiences through the church, provide leadership within a congregational setting, and help church groups make justice connections between the mission site and their home churches.

Each intern can expect individual supervision and opportunities for reflection on personal, spiritual, and social justice issues. Some interns may also earn college or seminary Field Education credit, with theological supervision provided through Disciples Volunteering.

Then, you’ll go back to school or into the work world smarter and better prepared to live your faith in a complex world.  If you’ll be 20 by Memorial Day, check out the attached flyer and let us hear from you. 

Preference will be given to members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) or the United Church of Christ. Applicants must be age 20 to 26 (as of Memorial Day) and be available for placement without interruption from May 29 to August 12.

Each intern earns a stipend of $2,500, sponsored in part through DHM and Week of Compassion; lodging and travel are provided.

The application deadline is Feb. 18, 2016 at 5:00 pm EST. Interviews will be scheduled to take place the following week. If internships remain unfilled, late applications will be accepted with interviews to take place in March.

For additional information contact: Intern Coordinator Deb Conrad at (502) 550-1236, Josh Baird at (985) 778-6915, or Brenda Tyler at (317) 713-2642.

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