Christmas Special Offering Benefits Your Regional Ministries

Luke 2:25-32 tells about Simeon, a righteous man who was told by the Holy Spirit that he would not die until he saw Israel’s Messiah. When Jesus was eight days old his parents brought him to the temple to be circumcised. Simeon was there. He took Jesus into his arms and praised God for the Messiah who had finally come. Guided by the Holy Spirit, Simeon knew that the great hope for the world had been born. No matter what else intrudes, the birth of Jesus is God’s promise that God will make all things right.



The Christmas Special Offering, received in most congregations December 11 & 18, benefits your region, the Christian Church in Kansas, where our primary mission is to Raise Up Christian Leaders for Today and Tomorrow. Your regional church works to call and equip people for leadership, to strengthen congregations for faithful ministry by representing the ministries of the church worldwide, to call Disciples to see and to respond to a world beyond our buildings but not beyond our reach, and more. 

As congregations within this region, we too can hope that like Simeon, through the Holy Spirit we can see salvation and reflect God’s light of revelation to all people. As Disciples of Christ, we can Believe Again that God is actively promising us a deeper hope for our congregations and regions, working together in covenant with each other.

When you donate to the Christmas Special Offering you help make these ministries happen. 100% of the offering remains in Kansas to support programs like church camp, retreats and workshops, and provide support to congregations seeking new pastors. Your generosity makes a difference; give in accordance with the value that the ministries of the Christian Church in Kansas add to your life and to your congregation. Thank you.

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