Chapel is Finished!

After about nine months of construction, the new indoor chapel located just east of the Leadership Lodge and south of the Dining Hall, is finally completed. A chapel dedication is scheduled during the camp Gala and Auction in October.

The chapel project began with a ground-breaking ceremony at the annual Gala and Auction held in November 2014. Construction crews began setting the forms and pouring the concrete in February 2015.

By March, the framing for the walls had started going up and the chapel started taking shape. Then, the sheeting and roofing started going up in April as the rest of camp prepared for the summer camping season.

With the summer camping season in full swing, contractors worked on dry walling the interior, setting the windows, and placing the limestone veneer around the main entry doors and around the round stained glass window in the chancel area. By June, the custom woodwork started being installed.

Next, it was time for paint and stain as construction wound down.  On August 13, the truck arrived with the chairs. It took a little over an hours for 12 volunteers from local churches to unload all 150 chairs.  

Finally nearing completion.  During late August and September the sound system, light fixtures, and ceiling fans will be installed; the piano and communion table currently in the leadership Lodge will be moved; and general cleaning.  Volunteers at Men’s Retreat will have the opportunity to work on the prayer garden located on the south side of the building.  


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