Week of Compassion Special Offering

Imagine a small fragile seedling becoming a food system that prevents famine. Imagine that it leads to medicine and disease prevention. Imagine a child who will become a visionary leader and peacemaker. 

Creative energy is set free when basic needs are met: energy for a young scientist to pursue technology; energy for a community leader to bring peace; energy that artists can use for their craft. That young seedling will grow to feed a community; to provide families with income.

The contribution you make through the Week of Compassion offering — the seedling that you help plant — has effects that ripple far beyond your imagination.

Will you be part of God’s dream for the world? Will you make a difference?

With your gift, you are part of God’s imagination for families who will have time and resources because they do not have to worry about their crops and feeding their family. Contribute to Week of Compassion, with the prayerful hope that God will do with our gifts —

More Than
We Can Imagine


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