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2015 Reconciliation Offering

Reconciliation Offering

ReconciliatonMany of our congregations will receive the 2015 Reconciliation Offering on September 27 and October 4.

The Reconciliation Ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) was born out of the civil unrest that ensued following the martyrdom of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4, 1968. His murder brought to the foreground in the life of our church the dis-ease of our living in two separate societies – one which benefits one group of people and one which systemically marginalizes the poor and powerless.

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) remains vigilant and faithful in pursuing God’s call to reconciliation, “breaking down the dividing walls” that separate us from one another and God and building up God’s realm on earth!

The Reconciliation Offering is used to fund our Church’s mission to become an pro-reconciling and anti-racist church through education , inclusive worship and intentional dialogue.  Below are some examples of how the Reconciliation ministry offering is used in Kansas.

Birthday Backpacks
Pine Valley Christian Church—Wichita

Blue_candles_on_birthday_cakeIn 1998 the members of Pine Valley Christian Church recognized the need for “someone” to ensure that children from at risk families attending a neighboring elementary school could celebrate their birthdays like the other children in their classes. It turned out that they were that “someone”! Subsequently, PVCC partnered with Communities-in-Schools to identify these children and to provide them with surprise Birthday Backpacks. Through the years, the program has grown to include 120 students from two schools. Each child receives a backpack and non-electronic, non-violent items such as a cake mix, frosting and candles, a game, a book, coloring or drawing materials, toiletries and either flashcards or a calculator. Your Reconciliation Gift tells a child that he or she is loved and brightens their birthday!

“Home, Sweet, Home” Homeless Ministry
First Christian Church—Independence

What began as a small outreach effort in 2008 to provide the homeless a safe and welcoming space during the day later expanded to providing tents on the church grounds as sleeping shelters and then in 2010 to the purchase, repair and furnishing of a house for use
by up to 8 men at a time. Between 2011-2014, 107 men were in this program including a veteran, elderly, mentally ill, and disabled. Over half of these men eventually moved on to permanent housing. Thru February of 2015, an additional 10 men have found welcome shelter here. Home, Sweet Home’s efforts have inspired another church in the community to open a similar shelter for women. Your gift to the Reconciliation Offering helps provide the funds needed to sustain this crucial ministry in Independence.

Peace Camp for Kids
Topeka Center for Peace & Justice

The Topeka Center for Peace & Justice’s Peace Camp for Kids, a summer offering in Topeka for close to 25 years, teaches children nonviolent ways of resolving conflict through peace-making, discourages bullying, and helps them understand the multicultural nature of communities. Peace Camp is staffed by Disciples and other volunteers who tend to the needs of campers from primarily low-income families. In addition to lessons, games and music, the campers are given breakfast and lunch each day. In 2015, the Peace Camp partnered with the Brown v. Board of Education Historic Site and the Topeka Metro Authority to study these historic events and to “Remember Rosa.” Your Reconciliation Offering supports this effort to help our young become blessed as peacemakers by providing scholarships to low income families.


The following Reconciliation Offering 2015 Brochure is available for download and is formatted for insertion in church bulletins.