Progress is Evident at Tawakoni

The Camp Steering Committee is excited to see the beginnings of a new caretaker residence, compliments of volunteers! Foundation work began at the end of August; framing began on Sept. 21. We expect to have the house weathered in this fall, and to complete the interior work during winter months.

The modest 1500 sq. ft. open plan home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms will be an attractive entrance to the camp. It is east of the existing home, facing the entrance gate. 

Directed gifts, along with Regional Board action to allow the use of existing funds, makes the house possible. A self-build strategy, borrowed from Habitat for Humanity, will make this a relatively low-cost endeavor. Regional Minister Renee Bridwell has challenged every church in South Central District to bring a volunteer crew; we hope that every church in the region will take up the challenge and send volunteers to help. Volunteers need not be carpenters; there is plenty of opportunity for helpers, cooks, and clean-up as well as those who need to upgrade their skills under the tutelage of others.

Building the caretaker’s home with volunteers is a trial run for building the adult-friendly cabin, now named Jones Lodge, which will replace the former Cabin 3.

Summer campers enjoyed the renovated pool immensely! We continue to be grateful for gifts from throughout the Region which made the renovations possible, including our Pool Partners who have given $1000 or more to the pool.  

More than half of the $280,000 cost has been covered, and we seek gifts to retire the remaining debt, beginning with the annual Gala, Oct. 28. Read more about the 2017 Camp Gala & Auction here.

Donate to this or any other ministry online here or mail to the Topeka regional office.

The Kansas Region is fortunate to have many friends throughout the congregations who care deeply for youth and for the adult ministries which happen at the Disciples Center, and have come to know this as holy ground. We thank God for the many ways congregations and individuals give support and encouragement. 


 Thank You Pool Partners!
Click here to view the full list of pool partners to date.

Individual Partners:
  -Patty & Paul Allen
  -Phil Alexander
  -Gary Allerheiligen
  -Anonymous Donor 
  -George & Jaylene Arnett
  -Linda Bradley & Holton First CC
  -Renee & Steve Bridwell
  -Joe & Sharon Bullock
  -Laura Dargitz
  -Genene & Steve Faubion 
  -Gale Fleming
  -Bill Garrett
  -Kelly & Pam Gindlesberger
  -Danny & Dee Ginn
  -Bob & Mindy Gleason
  -Doug & Sue Gray
  -Diane & Dick Hall
  -Jean & Jim Harris
  -David & Linda Jones
  -Janie & Paxton Jones
  -Debby & Steve Martin
  -Charlotte & Jim McCollough
  -Martha & Robert Neidhart
  -Lanny & Pam Norstru
  -Marie & Skip Overmiller
  -Lew & Vickie Pearce
  -Cheryl & Floyd Pearson
  -Dave & Debi Rogers
  -Cheryl & Dave Roy
  -Erin & Richard Sack
  -Brad & Julie Stover
  -Drew & Stephanie Switzky
  -Mary K Thelman
  -Ella Umphrey
  -Gail & John Wadsworth
  -Bill and Donna Wise

























Church & Fellowship Group Partners:

Church & Fellowship Group Partners:
  -Arkansas City Disciples Men
  -Augusta FCC
  -Douglas FCC Chi Rho
  -Fredonia FCC
  -Great Bend FCC
  -Kansas Disciples Men
  -McPherson Disciples Women
  -Oxford CC 
  -Pittsburg FCC Youth
  -South Central District
  -Topeka FCC
  -Topeka FCC, JOY Class
  -Topeka FCC, Seekers Class
  -Topeka West Side CC
  -Ulysses, Shelton Memorial CC
  -Wellington FCC
  -Wichita, Oakview CC
  -Wichita, Woodridge CC
  -Topeka FCC, Seekers Class
  -Topeka West Side CC
  -Ulysses, Shelton Memorial CC
  -Wellington FCC
  -Wichita, Oakview CC
  -Wichita, Woodridge CC



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