Pentecost Offering received May 15 & 22

Since the creation of the 2020 Vision to plant 1000 new churches by the year 2020, Disciples have planted 934 churches in the United States and Canada, and have shared the gospel with more than 61,000 individuals who may not have had a relationship with God. Every week at least 28 languages are spoken in worship in Disciples congregations.

This year’s Pentecost Offering message emphasizes that through the Holy Spirit, a Second Wind is energizing the Disciples new church movement, making it a vital force for sharing God’s Word. The Pentecost Offering supports the Disciples new church movement by making it possible for the Church to recruit, assess, train and coach new church leaders.

One half of our offering remains in Kansas; the other half is used by Hope Partnership in training, supporting and encouraging church planters and developing resources for new congregations.

Thank you in advance for your generous gifts!

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