Will you be our Friend?

One of our goals  as your communications office is to foster and build friendships throughout the region.  You can help!

  1. Sign-up for the Kansas Messenger. Update your contact information here.
  2. Go to our website and check out the Life Giving & Life Changing Stories page. Share a story about how God has moved in your life.
  3. Like us on Facebook @ChristianChurchInKansas. Pick a day or two and share with others.


Facebook Daily Post Topics:

While Facebook features “Thursday Throwback Days” we have established our very own lineup:

  • Sermon Sunday
    Tell us about your Sunday sermon.  What did you learn? What inspired you? What challenged you?
  • Motivational Monday
    Mondays can be hard.  Mondays can be stressful. Share something positive in your life.  Share something that made you smile this week. How do you deal with the stress?
  • Testimony Tuesday
    God is all around us and works through each of us.  Share a God siting from this week.  Where did you see God at work in your life?
  •  Wednesday Word
    Scripture has many purposes.  Share a verse that is on your heart this week.  What is your favorite verse?   What verse inspires you? What verse is challenging you this week?
  • Thankful Thursday
    We are blessed with many things.  Share 3 things you are thankful for that happened this week.  Challenge: think of three different things each week.
  • Friendship Friday
    We are all friends here in CCK. Let’s get to know each other a little better.  Share your name, church, and something unique about you. Challenge: think of something different each week.
  • Selfie Saturday
    Stop to enjoy the little things in life.  Take a selfie with your friends or family (or even your pets) and share what you are doing today.


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