DHM Summer Mission Internships

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What will you do this summer? If you’re looking for a way to make a difference and have an incredible experience — and get paid for it — you probably want to apply for a DHM summer mission internship. You’ll spend a summer in a foreign location, like Louisville, Michigan, Texas, Washington, California, Missouri, and you’ll work on issues that you may not have seen up close before — like poverty, racism, water, immigration, housing. Then, you’ll go back to school or into the work world smarter and better prepared to live your faith in a complex world.  If you’ll be 20 by Memorial Day, check out the DHM website below and let us hear from you. 

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Rev. Dr. Deborah Conrad, Pastor
Woodside Church
1509 E Court Street
Flint MI  48503
810-767-4911 (office)
502-550-1236 (mobile)

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