CCK/KLC Partnership Grants

Our regional church has a marvelous opportunity: 40—count ‘em, 40!—training slots in the leadership training programs offered by Kansas Leadership Center in Wichita. These are for people who want to make progress on something important – that is, to grow their leadership skills, to aid their congregations and the Christian Church in Kansas in addressing the adaptive challenges we face. This training is intended to help you lead your congregation more effectively, more powerfully, to change lives and turn systems in healthy directions.

Congregations will benefit most by sending teams of 2-3, one of whom is probably your pastor. Congregations will also benefit by identifying a challenge on which they want to make progress, as they pursue this leadership training. Plan to focus 90 days on the process: pre-work, the training and its application, beginning 21 days before your event.

In addition to congregational teams, CCK plans to send interested staff, moderators, and other regional leaders. Trainings fill fast and registration early in the year is encouraged.

The KLC Partnership Grant pays tuition only. On Nov. 14 the CCK Executive Committee will consider a recommendation from the Kansas Bible Chair Task Force for a grant to reimburse books, housing, and meals for those who take part. The CCK Moderator team, in consultation with regional staff, will review grant applications and select participants.

This is not for everyone. It is hard, and you will have homework. Before registering with the grant code, you must attend an orientation sponsored by one of the regional offices and pay a $25 commitment fee. Plan to take part in a follow-up group to help the ideas stick.

The three types of workshops:

  1. Your Leadership Edge     $400 value      The largest group, typically 150 people
    • A three-day training for anyone who wants to lead more and get better results
    • Transforms how leaders approach problems; builds personal capacity to lead
2018 Program Dates:
  • Wichita
    • February 6-8
    • March 6-8
    • April 3-5
    • May 8-10
    • June 4-6
    • July 10-12
    • August 7-9
    • September 11-13
    • October 9-11
    • November 7-9
  • Kansas City
    • February 21-23
    • June 12-14
    • September 18-20
    • October 16-28
  1. Lead for Change     $1295 value      Typically 70 people
    • For people who feel the weight of leadership daily, the need to change systems.
    • Offered three times a year, Feb./April, May/July, August/October, in 3 phases:
      • Four-day training at KLC in Wichita
      • Individual coaching and on-line learning
      • Three-day training at KLC Wichita
2018 Program Dates:
  • Cohort 1
    • Session 1 – January 30-February 2
    • Session 2 – April 17-19
  • Cohort 2
    • Session 1 – May 1-4
    • Session 2 – July 24-26
  • Cohort 3
    • Session 1 – August 14-17
    • Session 2 – October 23-25
  1. Equip to Lead      $350 value       Typically 30 people. “Train the trainers”
    • For those who know the KLC framework and want to share their ideas with others; i.e., those who have had another training.
    • How to use the book Your Leadership Edge to teach leadership
2018 Program Dates:
  • March 13-14
  • May 16-17

  • August 23-24

  • October 18-19

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