Global Missions

Kansas is a Global Mission Region

The Christian Church in Kansas became a Global Mission Region by Regional Board action in the spring of 2008, a decision celebrated during our Regional Assembly last October as Bob Shebeck from Global Ministries presented the region with a certificate confirming our partnership with each other. As a result, retired Regional Minister Paxton Jones participated in a People-to-People Pilgrimage with Global Ministries to the Dominican Republic and Haiti in February 2009 and is sharing his experiences at district assemblies and in congregations throughout the region. The regional church also is busy implementing an action plan designed to help our congregations determined if they should become a Global Mission Church. [Hint: you should!]

According to the Global Ministries website…


“The Be a Global Mission Church initiative can be used to propel a congregation into new activities or to affirm numerous projects already in place. Whether your next step is to pray regularly for a missionary, study globalization or plan a People-to-People group mission trip, we encourage you to make the decision to put a foot forward and take a step into world mission. Being a Global Mission Church will challenge your members to stretch toward a new level of interest in, and commitment to, God’s world. Wherever your congregation fits, the Be a Global Mission Church workbook can be a new direction or milepost on a path already being traveled. Call 1-800-537-3394 and order copies of the workbook for your congregation today.”

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For more information contact Pat Nixon or Bob Shebeck.