Disciples Men

Kansas Disciples Men provides fellowship and encouragement, increase knowledge of God as reveled in Jesus Christ, broaden spiritual horizons and develop leaders of the church. We grow in loving relationship with God and others, and become more Christ-like in all we are and do.

We are sharing with you the latest issue of the newsletter, The Voice of Disciples Men.  the The Voice of Disciples Men connects men throughout the denomination. It is also used to inform men across the country of events taking place, suggestions about how to improve their men’s group and resources for spiritual growth. Subscribe to The Voice here.

DHM-Disciples Men Resources

ROUND TU-IT AWARDS PROGRAM: The ROUND TU-IT program has been developed to encourage, motivate, create excitement and involve more men through their local churches. It is a program that encourages men to get “ROUND TU-IT” for Jesus Christ, a program that will recognize and reward each man’s efforts.