Regional Ministry Priorities

The regional church in Kansas is modeling transformation for its congregations by itself undergoing transformation. The Regional Board approved in concept a new organizational structure and began taking the necessary steps to implement its provisions, including major revisions to our Constitution and Bylaws. Final approval for these changes was granted by our 2008 Regional Assembly in Manhattan.

This new design mandates the naming of “Priorities [to] directly address the purpose of the Christian Church in Kansas as expressed in [its] Constitution.” Therefore the Regional Assembly adopted the following regional priorities upon which we will continue to focus our ministries:

1) Mission
2) Spirituality

In accordance with our Bylaws, “—-There shall not be more than three priorities at a time. There shall be a separate committee for each priority. Each Priority shall have a Chairperson appointed to serve a two year term with a three term limit. The Priority Chairpersons shall serve on the Executive Committee and the Regional Board. In consultation with the Priority Chairpersons, committees of six (6) members for each priority shall be appointed for two year terms with a three term limit” (Article IX, Section 1, A).