Disciples In Mission

Disciples Home Missions

Disciples Home Missions is committed to equipping disciples for Christ and connecting people to the life changing love of God. Disciples Home Missions is the enabling and coordinating division of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the area of congregational program and mission in North America.

Division of Overseas Ministries / Global Ministries

Within covenantal bonds with other partner churches and ecumenical bodies throughout the world, we commit ourselves in Christ to share life, resources and needs.  As part of the ecumenical church and its response to particular historical and geographical contexts, we affirm our commitment to share persons in mission. We commit ourselves to discovering and sharing exciting new ways to sing the song of faith … hearing, telling and participating in the story of God’s love in Jesus Christ. Relying upon God’s grace, we commit ourselves to share in God’s healing of God’s continuing creation.Recognizing the freedom of God’s Spirit to act in diverse ways, we commit ourselves to engage in dialogue, witness, and common cause with people of other faiths and movements with whom we share a vision of peace, justice, and integrity of creation.

Office of Disciples Volunteering

Disciples Volunteering supports and enhances servant missions and ministries of congregations. To this end, Disciples Volunteering continues to Call, Connect, Equip, and Send Servants and the Church for Service with the Community. By focusing its ministry on supporting local mission interests, developing servant leaders, and sending teams in mission, Disciples Volunteering is promoting a fundamental shift toward service and missions that are more sustainable, flexible, effective, and, ultimately, a better witness to our faith in action. Disciples serving community move from volunteer to servant to neighbor to friend as we Get Dirty for Jesus.


Kansas Mission Trips and Projects