Christmas Special Offering

2015 Christmas special offeringThe invitation at Christmas is to believe again. We are called to believe in a deeper hope that moves beyond the wrappings of Christmas. We are to proclaim a hope that brings good news, joy and compassion for all of God’s people. 

Often recognized for the ministries of camps and conferences, regions also play a critical role in the preparation and authorization of ordination and commissioned ministries. Regions partner with congregations to support the work required to call a new minister. When you donate to the Christmas Offering, you help make these ministries happen. 100% of the offering remains in Kansas to support programs like church camp, retreats, and workshops, and provide support to congregations seeking new pastors. The Christmas Special Offering supports these and many other ministries of our region.

Your generous gifts make a difference in our shared ministries in the region. The Christmas Offering will be received in most congregations on December 13 & 20. Support the region this Christmas season with the amount that reflects the value that these ministries add to your life.

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