Frequently Asked Questions about Church Camp

Why should I attend camp?

The future of the church is found in leadership. Leaders, both clergy and laity, emerge from camp experiences. Both youth and adult leaders find significant growth from their summer camp experience. 

Here are 10 reasons why you should attend camp

Find out more from former campers and camp leaders: Coming Soon!


What do I need to bring?

Your camp director will send an email or letter with a specific packing list two weeks prior to the start of your camp session. Basic things to pack include:

  • XL twin sheets or sleeping bag (jersey knit sheets will stretch to fit)
  • Towels for swimming and for bathing
  • Personal toiletries, bug spray, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses
  • Appropriate clothing and modest swimwear (midriffs should be covered; shorts at least mid-thigh length)
  • Bible, journal, pen/pencils
  • Flashlight
  • Pennies for Mission Offering (collected at sign-in)


Is there anything I should not bring?

This varies according to the session. For all campers may not have food or drinks in the sleeping cabins, including candy. Medical needs are the only exception; such items must be disclosed to the director and to the counselor in the camper’s cabin.

Regarding candy, soda pop, and similar: Canteen is scheduled on most camp days, where campers may purchase candy, Gatorade, canned pop and the like. All items are $.75. Canteen cards are sold at camp sign-in, at a maximum amount of $1.50 per day.


Who may attend?

Everyone! There are camps for all ages from 3 to 93. We host age-graded camps and special interest camps; specific camp sessions have age restrictions. See 2018 Camp Schedule for specifics.


Where is the Disciples Center at Tawakoni?

The Disciples Center is located about 20 minutes east of Wichita, between Andover and Augusta on SW Tawakoni Road. We are 1.5 miles north of Hwy 54/400. Map 


How do I register for summer camp? What forms do I need?

Online registration for all camps is available by clicking on the individual sessions in Upcoming Events, to the right side of your screen. A downloadable registration form, health information form, and return transportation form is also available on our website, through the regional and satellite offices, and your church office. Early bird registrations (lower cost!) are due by April 30

2018 Camp Registration and Health form  — Fill out both of these and return to Topeka Regional Office 2 weeks prior to the start of your camp session.

Return Transportation Form — Fill out and bring with you to camp.  Directors will collect at check-in


How much does camp cost?

Camp registrations range from $40 to $400. Prices vary with the age of the camper, length of session, and activities. See camp schedule for details. Camp costs are lower than other full-service camps because some costs are subsidized by grants from the Kansas Bible Chair.

Camp scholarships are available to children and youth who have financial need. Scholarship amounts are based on ½ of the fee being paid by the sponsoring congregation. The scholarship request form accompanied by Camp Registration Form is due in the Topeka office before April 1.


I would like to volunteer at camp, how can I help?

We are always looking for fun energetic volunteers to help as interns, counselors, directors, chaplains, and camp nurses. For the safety of the children we work with, all volunteers are required to pass a background check. To volunteer, send this signed form to the Regional Office in Topeka.

2018 Volunteer Application Form (Form A) 


I am unable to attend camp, but I still want to help. How can I help?

Gifts of any size are welcome.  Check out the camp “Wish List” of equipment and supplies that are needed. Money is always the right size and color to help our camps. Give online here. 


I am in a wheelchair/physically handicapped. Can I still attend camp?

You bet! All of our facilities are air-conditioned and handicap-accessible. Golf carts are also available to assist those needing to get around. Please notify your camp director prior to the start of camp so arrangements can be made.


My camper has special diet requirements; can you accommodate that?

Yes! Just let us know and we’ll work with you. When diet limits are especially challenging, parents may send supplemental items to meet their child’s needs. Your child should know what can be eaten from the normal menus and what should be avoided or replaced. 


What kinds of activities are available? Will I be required to participate in all of them?

While we encourage campers to participate in all camp activities, there may also be opportunities for campers to choose among recreational activities such as swimming, boating, challenge course, and arts & crafts. Your camp director will have more information on what is specifically planned and will work with you to iensureeveryone can participate together.

If your camp will use the high ropes course, generally 8th grade and older, campers must provide a signed challenge course liability release form. A parent or guardian must sign if camper is under age 18.


Can I receive mail? Where does it need to be sent?

Campers love to receive mail from friends and family back home. Letters and packages need to be addressed in the following format to insure timely delivery. There is no mail delivery on the last day of camp. Remember the camp session; we often have 2 or 3 camp sessions happening at the same time!

Camper Name
Camp Session (Junior 1, Omega 2, Equestrian, etc.)
Disciples Center at Tawakoni
8492 SW Tawakoni Rd.
Augusta, KS 67010-8111


What happens on a typical day at camp?

Most days at camp will involve small group sessions, swimming, large group fun and games, rest time, worship, campfire, skits, songs, and hanging out with friends. Small group time will include a variety of mental, physical, and spiritual activities, most of which are intended to explore the camp theme in some way. The necessaries of showers, meals, and cabin cleanup are also part of camp.


Severe weather is a concern; how do you handle that?

Every sleeping cabin includes a storm shelter. Camp staff keep an eye on the weather and alert directors of possible severe weather. Directors, interns, and other camp staff modify activities when needed to avoid severe weather.


Where can I download photos taken at camp?

A password protected photo gallery for each camp has been set up on our website.  Campers will receive the password for their camp photo page in their camp letters prior to camp or by calling the South Central Satellite Office.  You are also encouraged to submit your photos to The Kansas Messenger for publication.

Camp Photos: Download and print 2018 photos from your camp using your unique password. Photos will be available until December 2018.