Tawakoni History & Background

From two camps, at Eureka and Lyons, to one camp at Tawakoni

Cap Campaign logo-BWPreviously, the region had two camps, both developed in the early 1960s, both with significant deferred maintenance and neither met modern expectations.  A region-wide study was conducted to determine our needs and the wishes of the congregations. Out of this, we decided to seek a single, more centrally located camp to meet the needs of the entire region.

The Regional Assembly in 2000 authorized a region-wide capital campaign, Raise Up Leaders with a target of $1.625 million. In addition to funding the future camp facility, the campaign also benefited higher education scholarships; support of Phillips Theological Seminary (Tulsa) capital program; and established a fund to aid struggling congregations.

Camp WaJaTo near Lyons was sold in 2003, and Christian Hills near Eureka was sold in 2005. We purchased the Tawakoni property from the Boy Scouts in April 2004 when the Scouts accepted our $850,000 offer.

DSCN0329Celebrating 10 years at Tawakoni
the 2nd Decade Unfolds!

After significant efforts by numerous volunteers, the camp became Disciples Center at Tawakoni. Summer camps began in 2005, and it has grown to become holy ground for many in the Kansas Region.

Programs at the camp have served youth and other groups well. During the summers, we have offered our Outdoor Ministries program. In addition, the camp has been home to Muscular Dystrophy camps and Camp Quality for children with cancer. Throughout the year the camp hosts regional retreats for Men, Women and Clergy, church retreats, family reunions, quilters, and college groups as well!

Beginning in 2014, we expanded the summer program beyond age-level camps including:

  • Equestrian Camp
  • Music Camp
  • Adventure Camp
  • Grand Camp – for grand parents and their grand kids
  • Adult Conference

Now we are ready to look at needs for the future!

Development areas of the Camp Include:DSCN0402

1) Replacement of Cabins 3 and 1.
“Adult-friendly” cabins with private bathroom facilities are attractive to many groups. We estimate the cost at $260,000 if commercially built, and about $185,000 using volunteer labor.

2) Upper portions of the Dining Hall need to be refurbished, and adding a foyer on the west end of the Dining Hall will conserve on energy costs.

3) Swimming Pool needs decks replaced, skimmers installed and other concrete work.