Regional Staff

The Kansas Regional Church is led collaboratively by three regional ministers – Rev. Steve Martin, Rev. Renee Bridwell, and Rev. Ken Marston. Together they share this ministry, broadly dividing responsibilities as listed. In this 3-5 year transition period, the staff expects to adjust and re-sort responsibilities from time to time, and to support one another in these various roles.

In addition, Carla Pearson coordinates the Disciples Women ministry.  Email Carla.

Barb Koelling is the regional treasure. Email Barb.

Steve Martin
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Rev. Steve Martin:
-Camp Administrator (camp facilities & outdoor ministries)
-Youth and Young Adult Ministries
-Northeast and Southeast Districts
-Regional President
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Rev. Renee Bridwell:
-Regional Treasurer
-Kansas Bible Chair Committee
-Regional Assembly Committee
-Communications Manager
-Relationships with the General Church
-South Central District
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Rev. Ken Marston:
-Clergy Care
-Disciples Men
-Spirituality Priority Committee
-Central and High Plains Districts

Support Staff:

Susan White
Executive Secretary
Kansas Regional Office
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Krista Donaker
Administrative Assistant, Ministry Records
Central & High Plains District Office
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Jessica Marston
Communications Specialist
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