Grow spiritually, Give freely, Act kindly, In the name and spirit of Jesus Christ.
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Disciples Center at Tawakoni

The Disciples Center at Tawakoni is a place where we:
  • Welcome all people with the love of Jesus
  • Help them encounter God through nature, solitude and Christian community
  • Send them out to serve the world in love


Camp Testimony 

O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you,
my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you,
as in a dry and weary land where there is no water (Ps 63:1).

  I've been a Christian my whole life; my parents are pastors! It's safe to say I don't have an "ah-ha moment" that brought me into the love of Christ. But I've never really felt God's presence before; I never had a heart to heart connection with God before one special night during my Junior year at camp.

  That night after worship we laid under the stars in silence, in prayer. The sidewalk was warm and the air was cool around me. I laid there and cried my heart out asking God for a sign to show if God was even there. I wanted, I longed for God's presence in my life... I wanted direction.
  Then I felt the strong desire to live a life devoted to God and to spend my life serving God's people. God showed me unconditional love. I remember thinking, "I don't want to grow up; I want to stay here at camp forever, in God's presence and in safety, and with my camp friends." Camp is where I'm closest to God; I don't want to lose that! But I'm not called to stay here forever. I'm called
to go out in this world and serve full-heartedly. I need to show the love of God that I found at this camp. I need to share that. That's my call!
  My call to you, friends, is to keep camp alive. You hear stories of hurt and sadness and this is a place where we can leave that all at the gate. This camp serves people; it brings so many people to God; you can't let our camp experience die! Bring friends, volunteer to be counselors, whatever you have to do. Keep camp alive - that's just what we've got to do!
Emily DeVore wrote and presented this testimony during the Senior Talks at CYF Alpha, June 2012, and allowed us to share it throughout the Region.


Funding efforts to support both the operations and the development of the Disciples Center continue. Raise Up Leaders (the region's capital campaign) provided nearly $1 million dollars. The funds continue to be a source of support. In addition, grant and foundation writing is a priority. Gifts are received from individuals, congregations and from church groups (Women, Men, Youth, etc.) all in an effort to provide an excellent facility for the region's camp and conference programs aimed at nurturing individuals in their growth in Christian faith. Click here for a "Wish List" for equipment needed.