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Camp Information

Challenge Course at the Disciples Center at Tawakoni

Our Mission Statement: To promote Character, Collaboration, and Communication through the use of initiative training in an environment that fosters individual and team growth.
Why the High Ropes Course?
Imagine looking down from 40 feet up in the air, your only connection to the ground a rope and belay system. You feel invigorated, excited, and terrified all at once. High Elements are designed to push people past the limits of their comfort zone to overcome both mental and physical obstacles. Safety of our participants and trained staff members is our number one priority. Helmets, harnesses, and a belay system will be used at all times. As with anything on the challenge Course, the level of participation is determined by the individual. The following High Ropes Initiatives are available: Vertical Playpen, Sailor's Crossing, Floating Platforms, Swinging Vines, The Log, and Zip Line.


Perception Is Everything
We all know what makes sense to us. How do we know if we are communicating adequately with everyone else? In both Low and High Ropes activities, participants work to improve both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Debriefing sessions after each activity help participants process the decision-making strategies used and apply the situation to real life. The following Low Ropes Initiatives are available: Team Trail, Giant's Finger, Spider's Web, Telephone Pole, Whale Watch, William's Bridge, Blindfolded Maze, Trust Fall, Wild Wall, Wild Woozy/Bermuda Triangle, Partnered Trust Walk. Indoor Initiatives also available.

Team building At Its Best

Low and High Ropes Initiatives are designed to promote teamwork, trust, and leadership. Trained facilitators present challenges, and the group must work together to achieve one common goal. Programs and challenges can be tailored to meet specific group needs.

Who Can Benefit? Corporate Groups, Civic Leadership Groups, Church Groups, Student Leaders, Teachers and Administrators, Fraternities & Sororities, and many morel.

To find out firsthand how your group can benefit from a half or full day Challenge Course experience by contacting Amanda Jolly, Course Coordinator at or phone the Rev. Steve Martin at 785-266-2914 or 800-737-8130.

Our Facilitators

All Challenge Course Facilitators at Disciples Center at Tawakoni have completed the 50 hour training required by the Challenge Options. Their number one priority at all times is the safety of all involved.

Amanda Jolly, Challenge Course Coordinator, is Co-Director of Instrument Music in the Valley Center school district in Wichita. She has been active with the camping program at the Disciples Center at Tawakoni since 2006 as an intern, lifeguard, Challenge Course facilitator and counselor. Amanda also spent a year in college as a high and low ropes course facilitator at Kansas State University. She is excited to take on the role as Challenge Course Coordinator for the camp and believes the personal and team growth that occurs from even a few hours spent out on the challenge course is nothing short of amazing.

Dan Stephens is 18 years old and currently a senior at Andover Central High School. He worked at camp in 2012 as head of pool upkeep, lifeguard, and kitchen support. He says all these things were fun but he relished every day that he could be out on the ropes course. He feels it is rewarding to see kids challenge themselves on the high ropes and know that he can provide a safe environment for this to happen in.

Amanda Martin is currently studying special music education at Wichita State and teaches music part-time in Wichita. Amanda's favorite part of the camp is the challenge course because of the many opportunities for individual growth and group bonding. She has been involved with the outdoor ministries program as a camper and counselor for many years, and currently serves with her brother, Alan, as the interim caretaker.

Find out how your group can benefit from a half or full day Challenge Course experience! Contact Amanda Jolly, Course Coordinator at or The Rev. Steve Martin at 785-266-2914, 800-737-8130, or